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Oliver Rods
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Oliver connecting rods have built a world-wide reputation for excellence by offering a broad range of technically advanced connecting rods designed for today's modern high rpm race engines. Oliver rods are designed and produced utilizing the latest in Finite Element Analysis and Statistical Process Control in addition to batch testing to the latest modern inspection metrics in accordance with ISO quality standards.

As design specifics have changed over the years, Oliver has remained at the forefront on the industry by applying the latest in engineering technology to it's product offering. In turn, Oliver has become best known for their exclusive Parabolic Beam connecting rods which feature the highest strength to weight ratio of any connecting rod on the market. Oliver's rod designs result in extraordinary fatigue life and consistent results  for customers.

Oliver 4340 billet rods are used in a wide variety of racing applications including NHRA drag racing, late model dirt and asphalt cars, 410 and 360 sprint cars, modifieds, off shore boats, truck and tractor pulling, Baja as well as world speed record cars on the salt flats at Bonneville.

All rods are proudly 100% made in the USA with American steel and American labor.


BBC 4340 Billet I-Beam 2.200 Pin
BBC Tall Deck 4340 Billet I-Beam 2.200 Pin
LS1 Standard Weight 4340 Billet I-Beam 2.100 Pin
SBC Standard Weight 4340 Billet I-Beam 2.100 Pin
SBC Stroker Grind Standard Weight 4340 Billet I-Beam 2.000 Pin
SBC Stroker Grind Standard Weight 4340 Billet I-Beam 2.100 Pin
SBC Stroker Grind Ultra Light 4340 Billet I-Beam 2.100 Pin
SBC Ultra Light 4340 Billet I-Beam 2.000 Pin
SBC Ultra Light 4340 Billet I-Beam 2.100 Pin


We have access to over $60 Million of inventory in 16 distribution centers nationwide to fill your orders from on a daily basis. Our site currently has over 350,000 items and more than twice that many yet to be added. Our product offering could be divided into several major categories. Parts for; drag racing, circle track racing, road racing, off road racing, street/strip, show vehicles, strictly street vehicles, trucks & SUVS, general repair and maintenance.
You may find that there are some product lines that you will not find on our site or that we refuse to sell. We are committed to selling only the best quality merchandise from the most respected manufacturers in the industry. If we are not willing to use a product ourselves, we will not sell it.
This is especially critical when it comes to racing internal engine components such as complete rotating assemblies, crankshafts and connecting rods. We have seen too many of our fellow racers be victims of this cheap offshore junk and we will not contribute to the problem. Please do not ask us to.